jueves, 30 de enero de 2014

Conan the Barbarian. Kaustic Plastic

Today we can see on kaustic Plastic´s facebook page, three mysterious and blurry pictures. From these pics we can presume that kaustic will be launching a conan the barbarian SET soon. It would be inspired not on the character from the comic but on his movie adaptation played by arnold schwarzenegger in 1982.

I say "set" because that is how they call this upcoming product: "XXL Project - Set 1" but the thing is that few days ago they also published they might be working on these head sculpts too, "XXL Project":

We will have to wait to see if at the end it is only a Conan´s set or the whole figure.

Even though pictures are out of focus ( on purpose of course), clothes seems to be fine,

as you know Kaustic weapons are made of metal so I can´t wait to see this 1/6 scale metal Conan´s Sword.

These are great news! I hope "this riddle of steel" will be revealed to us soon!!

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