lunes, 23 de diciembre de 2013

Dam toys. Official pictures of their new navy seal figure. Silk.

Some weeks ago in Guang Zhou fair, Dam toys revealed this upcoming 1/6 scale navy seal reconteam sniper figure, today we can see these preview pictures from Dam Toys.

As we all know, these navy seal figures are “non-offically”-based in the movie “ the tears of the sun”.

I started collecting this series so now I feel like I have to complete it, but the thing about this collection is every time you see a new figure, they all look the same, same uniforms, same boots, similar accessories…

Since we are talking about soldiers from the same unit, it is logical that they share equipment and look similar, but this hobby is a very expensive one, so expending all that money in buying all these guys "cut by a similar pattern", it is getting harder.

I won´t say I regret about starting this particular collection but as I said in one post, I think it would be cool if DamToys designs a special promotion for people we are collecting all this navy seal reconteam unit, because each coming figure doesn´t say much more than his predecessors.

About this figure, I really like his head sculpt, besides the fact that it is the most movie accurate of all of them, this time the facial features are not that straight and so the HS looks more smooth and realistic.

In the movie, Silk serves with a M1A rifle "camo version", the figure instead comes with a M14 sniper rifle which looks pretty much the same.

the other two weapons this figures comes with are a  P226 pistol and a really cool rocket luncher, both of them are the same models used in the movie.

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