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Art Figures. "Stanley Goodspeed". The rock

Glass or plastic, glass or plastic?!

From now on, I will try to write my posts both in English and Spanish, so I will start today writing about this upcoming 1/6 scale figure of Art Figures; another brand that hits the nail taking care of cool movies while the big boys fight each other by doing over and over alike figures for just a few movie licenses.

Today we have FBI special agent Stanley goodspeed from the movie "the rock"

When art figures revealed they were about to release His Mason figure (review here), in one of their pictures we could see next to Sean Connery´s figure, the shape of another toy; it was ovcious to suspect that a Nicolas Cage figure would be coming too ,today we have prove of it.

What we couldn’t expect is this figure would come with a very movie accurate VX missile, which also comes in sections, allowing us to remove the inside VX charge out. 

I like these “movie relevant” accessories, items that by their selves, they represent so much their movies. That reminds me about the last figure of MC toys "the end walker"; this figure will have plenty of good accessories from the movie Eli´s book but its main item is missed, the book.

Check those little screws on the next picture, this accessory definitely looks high detailed.

Besides if you have already collected the previous figure of Mason (Sean Connery), now with this vx gas rocket, you can achieve a very good interaction between both characters when you expose them together. So start thinking about finding a cool background to recreate your own “rock” movie scene.

I find Stanley Goodspeed ( Nicolas Cage) headsculpt very similar to the character, here is a picture to compare. But maybe the skin color is too white or clean, this guy has been dragging his body through Alcatraz sewers,come on!.

Apart from that great vx gas rocket and the fine headsculpt, I don´t see anything extraordinary about this figure- so I think art figures made a clever move including this accesories because it will be a significant motivation for purchasing this figure.

Here you can see more pictures from art figures and also from the film the rock.

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  1. I am keen in getting this figure. Overall is awesome!!

  2. both figures are really cool to have, also I wouldnt mind to have a general hummel dressed in that grey urban combat uniform of his.