jueves, 30 de enero de 2014

Conan the Barbarian. Kaustic Plastic

Today we can see on kaustic Plastic´s facebook page, three mysterious and blurry pictures. From these pics we can presume that kaustic will be launching a conan the barbarian SET soon. It would be inspired not on the character from the comic but on his movie adaptation played by arnold schwarzenegger in 1982.

I say "set" because that is how they call this upcoming product: "XXL Project - Set 1" but the thing is that few days ago they also published they might be working on these head sculpts too, "XXL Project":

We will have to wait to see if at the end it is only a Conan´s set or the whole figure.

Even though pictures are out of focus ( on purpose of course), clothes seems to be fine,

as you know Kaustic weapons are made of metal so I can´t wait to see this 1/6 scale metal Conan´s Sword.

These are great news! I hope "this riddle of steel" will be revealed to us soon!!

miércoles, 15 de enero de 2014

Oh Dae-Su, Kumik review

Oh Dae Su talks too much

Today I review this new 1/6 scale figure from KumiK. It is a non-official figure of the character Oh Dae-Su from the movie old boy (2003).
When I saw the movie for the first time I found it brilliant so few months ago when Kumik announced they were about to release this figure I knew it had to be mine. 

As you may know, the movie is about a man who is kidnapped without explanation, imprisoned and isolated in a room for 15 years. In the same way he was kidnapped, he is released and from that moment he will try to find out who was his tormentor and get his revenge.

In 2003 a remake directed by Spike Lee has been released:

Returning to the figure, when I purchased it, I thought its price was OK, 120$ shipping included but after receiving the product, now I find it expensive.

Packaging: there is nothing fancy about it; also I find the protective box unnecessary since the final box inside is a “Kumik-generic”one, very simple and without specific graphics related with the character.

Here you can see the unboxing and the contents inside.

Figure comes with two extra pair of hands, a white shirt, a hammer, an extra wig and one ugly stand.
I find all the hands on this figure terriblly done, specially the one used for holding the hammer. These hands are super shiny and the painting is not very realistic.

Clothes are ok but the buttoning should be much better, you can notice the inside buttons big time. Socks are not included but highly needed.

The extra hair included is longer so if you dare to swap it (I won´t) you can expose the character with the look when he is imprisoned, but doing this doesn´t make too much sense  because there are no "imprisoned" clothes included with the figure.

For me, head sculpt is the only significant thing about this figure from Kumik; not sculpting the hair but using “artificial" one is quite cool and gives the figure a very original touch. 

The likeness of the face is just ok but they haven´t nailed it at all.

At the end, I find this figure expensive; it is a simple but cool figure to have but it doesn´t worth the money you pay.

I can´t show you more pictures of this figure because it didn´t offer me too much to photograph, so I guess this is all for today.